Notice to Suppliers

2020 Year- end Shipments Notice

Dear Advanced Energy Supplier Partners,


Advanced Energy Shenzhen and Malaysia observe Christmas and new year as public holiday. Please be informed that :

•           Advanced Energy receiving dock at Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Penang Malaysia will be closed from Dec 24th to Jan 5th. 

•           Any material shipments that arrives at Hong Kong or Penang between Dec 24th 2020 to Jan 5th 2021will be held in storage and received on Jan 6th 2021.

•           Last shipment in 2020 to AE on or before Dec 23rd. Any shipping doc or invoice showing ship date between Dec 24th to Dec 31st will be rejected and return, unless prior approved by AE.

•           First shipment in 2021  to AE on Jan 2nd.

•           There will be no pickup from Dimerco, DGF, UPS, FedEx and JHJ from Dec 24th to Dec 31st .

•           The shop calendar days of Dec 24th  to Jan 5st  have been removed from SNC and will have a corresponding impact on supplier requirements during that week.

Advanced Energy Littlehampton receiving dock will be closed from Dec 22th to Jan 3rd.  Goods in will recommence Jan 4th.


If you have any questions, pls contact your respective buyer.



Advanced Energy SCM team 


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